Discover the history, architecture and culture of Charleston with a local guide!

  • All Charleston Perspective  walking tour guides are local Charlestonians.
  • Explore the cobblestone streets, hidden passages and alleys, as you uncover the history, the architecture and the culture that make up the framework of this centuries old town.
  • From the founding in 1670 through wars, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, religious diversity, the slave trade, the Gullah/Geechee culture, economic swings to present day growth and expansion.
  • See many historic sites along the route including Rainbow Row, the Old Exchange, the Old Slave Mart museum, Churches, the Harbor, High Battery and more.
  • The 2 hour walking tour will end the courtyard of the Middleton Family Home, built in 1783, in the heart of the walled city district. Prince Charles visited the same courtyard in February of 1990.
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Charleston Perspective   Walking Tours

Discover the history of Charleston with a local, licensed and   certified guide.

Explore the cobblestone streets as you uncover little known history   of Charleston including the 50 years of Proprietory rule, the   Charleston Tea Party, the 1st decisive victory of the Revolutionary   War at Ft Sullivan, the African art form of the Gullah/Geechee sweet   grass baskets, the trash fill that makes up 50% of the peninsula of   Charleston, the religious diversity of the holy city, the unique   architectural style of the Charleston Single House and more.

Come away from the walking tour with a better understanding of the   complex history of this centuies old town, and a better knowledge of   the distinctive architectural styles and features. You will have a   better understanding of the the culture and people who lived in and   built the structures that have withstood centuries of hurricanes,   wars, earthquakes and fires.

Discover Charleston's history with Charleston Perspective!

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2 Hour Daily Walking Tour

$30 Adults, $15 Child(6-12), Free (Infants-5)

         10am Tour (Year Round)          1pm Tour (Limited - September thru April)

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 For larger groups, guests will have the option   to use a personal listening device to better   allow for social distancing. The guide will   provide an earpiece, the device has a 3.5mm   port. Feel free to bring your own headphones   or earbuds to use.